MBF 3333

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Mobile 2-channel baby alarm using 40 MHz technology.

In order to guarantee protection from electrosmog, this baby alarm meets the stringent requirements of the German "Der Blaue Engel" certification.

In addition, the transmitter draws its power from an electronic mains adapter, meaning that – in comparison with typical mains adapters – neither your baby nor the invalid is exposed to anything harmful.

MBF 3333 comprises a transmitter, a receiver and two mains adapters

• electrosmog-reduced power adapter for the transmitter
• sensitivity switch on transmitter (NORM/HIGH)
• reference tone for improved wireless operation and freedom from interference
• continuously variable volume setting on receiver
• up to 200 m range, depending on local conditions
• range control on receiver
• reception activity indicator on receiver
• battery status indicator on transmitter and receiver