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Walkie Talkie Model 1208

Walkie Talkie Set with up to 8km Range

Walkie Talkie Twin Pack
Euro 0.5W PMR-Standard
Range up to 8 km
Frequence 446 MHz, 8 Channels
38 CTCSS Subcodes
LC-Display with backlight
Indication of Channels, Volume, Battery capacity
VOX-Function (3 Sensitivity level selectable)
Roger Beep                
Key tone
10 Call tones selectable
Operation by Alcaline-Batteries, Type „AAA“ (not in the scope of delivery)

Scope of content: 2 Walkie Talkies
Type of packing: Blister
Colours: Black, Pink, Blue

Art.Nr./EAN Blue: 5392/4030152053926
Art.Nr./EAN Black: 5393/4030152053933
Art.Nr./EAN Pink: 5394/4030152053940