Shredder, Model PS 42 CCD

Particle-cut for paper
Strip-cut for CDs
Automatic start/stop via sensor
2 waste bins to separate shred material
Modern Design: expanded metal bin
Media to shred: Paper, CDs and credit cards
Cut type: Particle-cut / Strip-cut

Strip size: Paper and credit card particle size 3 x 45 mm,
CDs in strips of 32 mm wide
Waste bin volume: 20 l
Feed capacity: 10 sheets of paper, 70 g/m2, 1 CD or credit card
Feed width for paper: 216 mm
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 2,0 A
Security level: 3, complying with DIN 32757
Speed: 3,0 m / min.
Noise level: 70 dB

Automatic shutdown in the case of overheating
Safety shutdown on opening the unit
Automatic function
Quality steel cutting mechanism
Low power consumption
Colour: White/Black
Dimensions (W/D/H): 35 x 235 360mm
Weight: 4,8 kg