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FAQ Mobile Phone Speed Dialling Via Picture

Speed dialling via picture..... What resolution must the pictures have?The resolution of pictures for use with speed dialling via pictures for the models: Viva Colour, Free, Vox Colour, Chic II must be 48 x 55 pixels. For the models Becco, Nova, the resolution must be  80 x 80 pixels. Otherwise, pictures could be blurred or not shown at all. Only pictures in JPEG format can be used.

How can a picture be cropped so that it fits in the window for speed dialling via picture?

Internet contains a web site for this purpose: cropp.me
Procedure for cropping the picture:
1. Open the internet page
    Click on "Upload Your Images"
    (select the picture you require from a file on your PC)
2. Define the resolution: use the Width and Height fields
    Value for Viva Colour, Free, Vox Colour, Chic II = 48 x 55
    Value for Becco, Nova = 80 x 80
3. Click on "Cropp Your Images"
    (a picture preview appears after a short time)
4. Position the mouse arrow on the preview and click the Edit pen icon on the right.
5. Define the picture resolution by dragging the corner points or the entire field.
6. Click on "Confirm".
7. Download the picture by clicking on the "Download All Cropps" field.
8. A new window opens in which to save the file.
9. Click on "OK" to save the file on the PC in the "Download" folder or one of your choice.
   (Note: The file is a ZIP file and must be opened using the compression programme (e.g. WINrar, WINzip) installed on your PC by double-clicking on it).
10. Save the file in JPEG format.
11. Copy the picture from the PC on a micro-SD card and insert it in the phone.
12. Set-up the speed dialling via picture in the phone as described in the operating manual.