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Cash Register, CM 942F

Operator display:  blue LCD back light dot matrix 128x64, 5/3 lines
Customer display:  LED, one line, 9 digits,
rear side
Cash drawer: full metal, with metal note clips,
4 bills, 8 coin compartments, adjustable,removable

Keyboard: 84 button flat keyboard, programmable
Printer: alpanumeric thermal printer 1 x 58 mm, speed: 50mm/sec
Number of departments: 99, Number of PLUs: 4.799, Number of clerks: 10
Number of Tables: 30
Lines of eletronic journal: min. 20.000, data retention by flash memory
Interfaces: RS232, USB (A), PS/2 Scanner, cash drawer, SD slot
Options: Scanner, Dallas key lock, rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours registration,
implemented counterfeit detection (retrofit, plug-and-play)
Scope of delivery: 6x function keys, 2 drawer keys, winding wheel, Programming
PC software for Retail, Restaurant, bakery and hairdresser, USB cable
Size: 325 x 400 x 210 mm, Weight: 8,0 kg