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Update for Alarm Systems in the ProHome and Protect Series


Right on time for the IFA, Olympia is able to present the latest updates for the ProHome and Protect series.

How important the concept of security is to Olympia is emphasised once again through the new updates. The notion "leave nothing to chance" forms the basis of developments and updates for the ProHome and Protect series. Very persuasive: The latest option in the ProHome series, a clever jamming protection feature for wireless connections, enables immediate, automatic notification by your ProHome app should the 868 MHz frequency of the sensors be affected by external influences. This means that you are well-equipped to deal with attempted sabotage via a jammer.


How the update works:
In addition to the quick, simple FOTA update, it may be necessary to complete a more in-depth change to the memory allocation. Please check whether there is a small, green label in the battery compartment beside the microUSB connector (not the LB4 label on the rear side of the device).
Is one present? Good, the FOTA update alone will do.
Is no label present? No problem! Simply send your base unit to us by post.

Please contact our Service Department by telephone in advance: +49 2324-680155
or email:  

We will immediately send you a return label free of charge, load the updates free of charge and send the base unit back to you.