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Olympia Business Systems Vertriebs GmbH located in Hattingen, Ruhrkreis has been an important distribution partner for Olympia products in the office machines and office equipment sector in Germany for many years.

The sole managing director, Heinz Prygoda, began his business activities in 1977 in setting up a regionally oriented office product distribution company which soon developed into a nationwide wholesale trade operation. A major factor here is the comprehensive range of Olympia office machines.

The main focus of attention of the sales partnership regarding products which involve intensive consultation is placed on the specialised trade in office machines and cash registers.

Heinz Prygoda also recognised at an early stage that department stores, dispatchers, cash and carry shops as well as the constantly increasing number of chain stores would become considerably important sales outlets, particularly in the field of consumer-oriented office products. As a result of the phenomenal boom in the information and communication industry in recent years and the spread of information technology linked to it, particularly in private households, the differentiated orientation of the distribution channels has proved to be foresighted and assured a good future.

In connection with the restructuring of the Daimler Benz/AEG/Olympia concerns, the Olympia business division involved in information technology was sold to a new owner and the Olympia International Holdings Ltd. was founded to control international production and sales activities.

In 1997, the distribution rights for Germany and market license to use the Olympia name, which is steeped in tradition, in Germany was transferred to Prygoda, a long-term, successful sales distribution partner.

To accommodate these new business activities, Prygoda founded the Olympia Business Systems Vertriebs GmbH (OBS) and Olympia's business involving office equipment was continued and developed.

Towards the middle of 2003, the contractual partners Olympia International Holdings (OIH) and OBS decided to extend their successful cooperation even further and transfer distribution in Europe, former GUS States, the Middle East and North Africa to OBS as an independent company.

OBS currently employs over 50 employees in product management, marketing, sales, logistics, service and after-sales service.

The employees are obliged to observe the company's guidelines regarding quality, speed and flexibility.

During its history in excess of 100 years, the traditional Olympia trademark has continually developed innovations for existing product ranges and introduced new products onto the market.

In 2008, the IT accessories and home entertainment business operations were opened.