Disposable Breathalizer AT 101


  • Easy to use
  • Quick and accurate measurement
  • Measurement based on breath
  • Hygienic due to one time use
  • Low cost per measurement
  • Result can be easily read on the tube
  • Calibration done on 0,5‰ (according to French and German regulations)
  • Minimum durability 2 years



3 LEDs for a briht light
Batterie time fort the torch: up to 5 hours                
Light sensor                                              
Slide switch for the torch fort he following functions:
ON, automatic Emergency light / Nightlight, OFF
Charger station with Euro plug for direct placement in
electrical outlets
Euro plug can be turned by 90 degrees (horizontal/vertical)
Dimensions: Torch 98 mm long, 35mm Φ;
Charger: 58*100*50 mm