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FAQ Mobilphone VIVA

How do I set the dial lock on my mobile phone?

This function cannot be set on the mobile phone. Please contact your mobile phone provider, who can set up the function for you.

Note to SOS key:

 What happens when the SOS button is pressed?
1. an SMS is sent to the number previously stored
2. a call is made to the same number.

Note for telephone PIN:

The telephone PIN is: 1122
This PIN is not to be equated with the PIN of the SIM card.
D.h. with this PIN you can reset the mobile phone to the factory setting,
confirm the different dialling locks as well as set up a complete telephone lock
and unlock it.

Safety information:

In order to locate your mobile phone (e.g. after theft), you should unattendedly store the so-called
EMEI number, which can be seen on the packaging and in the device (under the battery)