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Cash Register Touch 110


Cash Register for retail and hospitality

Operator display: Touch panel, size: 10 Inch, Resolution: 800x600 pixel
Customer display: LED, one line, 9 digits, rear side
Keyboard: 3 keyboard levels with 99 article buttons (base level with 25 article buttons, 2nd
and 3rd level with 37 article buttons, automatic displayed additional information on 2
levels and 80 buttons, individually programmable by computer program
Printer: alpanumeric thermal printer 1 x 80 mm with cutter, speed: >170 mm/sec
8 header and 8 footer lines, graphic logo, 20 logos implemented
Number of departments: 99, Number of PLUs: 20.000, Number of clerks: 99
Number of Tables: 150 with split and transfer function
99 group-PLU buttons (all drinks, all appetizers, all main courses, ..)
Lines of eletronic journal: min. 60.000, data retention by flash memory
Interfaces: 2x RJ-45, RS232, USB, PS/2 Scanner, cash drawer, SD slot
Scope of delivery: Dallas key lock with 4 keys, Programming software, USB cable
Optional: Scanner; Kitchen printer ; Cash drawer, full metal, with metal note clips, 4 bills, 8
coin compartments, adjustable, removable
Size: 300 x 330 x 135 mm, Weight: 2,4 kg kg