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Update new Euro Notes

Updating bank note validators for the new Euro bank notes (ES2-Series)
The new 50 Euro bank note will be brought into circulation from
spring 2017 onwards. The ECB has improved the security features of the bank
notes to make forgery more difficult. The programming of the bank note validators
must be adapted to the new security features. Machines which only use a few sensors
to complete validation (control using UV only) do not require any adaptation.
Basically, you can complete the updating work for the bank note validators yourself.
In this case, we provide the necessary programming file for the machines (firmware),
a programme for the data transfer for this file and brief operating instructions on our homepage.
In some cases, a special data transfer cable is required which is not commercially available.
This can also be purchased via our homepage.
Please select your model in the list below you will get further information please
read the Manual first.
If you do not want to update the machine yourself, you can ask your dealer whether he
provides an update service.
Since some time our machines are already prepared for the new 50 Euro note.
The list below shows the firmware version which should be shown in the display.
In case your machine shows a firmware version which is older the program of your machines
must be updated. Please select UPDATE for your machine. A page will open in which you will
find updating instructions, a data transfer program and the modified program.

NC 400 Cash register validator (USB)  EUR(014)   UPDATE
NC 410 Cash register validator (USB)  EUR(014)   UPDATE

NC 400 and NC 410 Cash register validator (Micro-SD-Card) are alreday updatet to 50 euros.