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Olympia will be the best brand in 2019 and receives special award in the product category alarm systems.

The Hattingen-based company GO Europe could not have imagined a better start to May. At the PLUS X AWARD, the world's largest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle, the Innovation Award for brand quality was awarded again this year.

Worthy of mention were newly developed and innovative technologies, extraordinary designs as well as intelligent and simple operating concepts. Criteria such as good ecological product properties, a comprehensive range of functions as well as the use of high-quality materials and their processing have also been put to the test.

An internationally independent jury of over 80 branches and 23 strategic partners has finally decided: Olympia has the award, "Best Brand of the Year 2019" in the product category alarm systems, fully earned. But that's not all: the Secure AS 302 alarm system was also awarded a very special "Product of the Year 2019" seal of quality. Two big successes, which are certainly no coincidence. After all, since 2012, Hattinger has been pursuing a common goal, which is both an impetus and a driving force for the start of a safer future: "We want you to feel well and completely safe".

Olympia knows what matters - and therefore secures access to your home that deserves protection. And every day - intelligent and in the highest perfection. In terms of alarm systems, Olympia is already active in the fourth generation, a guarantee for proven technologies, both in theory and in practice.

With the Secure AS 302 Olympia has not only visually hit a safe bull's-eye - it is the mini alarm system from Olympia - with a maximum of security. Small, wireless and with a compact base, it fits perfectly into any living concept. With a visual alarm via LED, a status display in red, green or blue, a modern Bluetooth 4.0 radio interface - for energy-saving use - and an integrated siren with up to deafening 110 dB, there are really no questions left about safety. Thanks to wireless transmission, installation and registration of up to 10 sensors is child's play.