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Update new Euro Notes

Updating bank note validators for the new Euro bank notes

Adaptation of the money counters / bill validators to new software versions
Our money counters and bill validators are constantly being optimized and adapted to new counterfeit bills. In general, you can adapt your bill validator yourself. In this case we provide the required file on our homepage. For most devices, you only need a micro SD card to transfer the file to the bill validator. Devices that only test with some sensors (e.g. only test for UV) do not need any adjustment.

Older devices also require a program for data transfer of this file and a small operating manual. In some cases, a special data transfer cable
required, which is no longer commercially available. We offer you to have these devices updated inexpensively via our service.

Please select your device from the list below and you will receive further information. If you don't want to update your device yourself, you can ask your dealer if he offers an update service. Or you can use our Olympia update service.

We offer to customize your device for a flat rate. The conditions are the following:
• You send your device "carriage paid" (i.e. you pay the postage) together with the completed form to our service.
• You send a processing fee (20 euros for money validators, 40 euros for money counters) in cash with the device, in the same envelope as the completed form.
• We will return your device within 2 days at our expense.

The current firmware version is available for the devices listed here. Only in the event that your device displays an older version, you need an adjustment of the programming. If this is required, please select UPDATE for your device and you will be taken to an area where you will find instructions. Please read the instructions first to decide whether you want to do the adjustment yourself or use our service.

 Modell        aktuelle Firmware    Update

NC 315        315 V6_04               UPDATE
NC 325        325 u6_04               UPDATE
NC 335        335 u6_07               UPDATE
NC 320        320 u6_0                 UPDATE
NC 330        330 u6_0                 UPDATE
NC 340        340 u6_0                 UPDATE
NC 345        345 u11                   UPDATE
NC 355        355 u11                   UPDATE
NC 365        365 u11                   UPDATE 
NC 560        560 U30 005            UPDATE
NC 570        570 U30 008            UPDATE
NC 590        590 U30 008           UPDATE
NC 620        STMV30 008 - DISP05S UPDATE   (Does not count due to the nature of the banknotes GBR)

The following models do not require an update:
NC 450 (model with UV + MG check, no further adjustment required))
NC 520 Plus (model with UV + MG check, no further adjustment required))
NC 520 (model with UV check, no further adjustment required)
NC 540 (model with UV + MG check, no further adjustment required)