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FAQ IP-Kamera

Use IP cameras on NVR systems
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My IP camera is not connecting to the WLAN network ??

Please check whether the network ID (SSID) of your WLAN network contains special characters.  Please avoid the symbols "/" and "\" among others. The special characters "+", "-", "_" and the space can be used without any problems.


Arelucidated, there may be problems with the registration of the outdoor siren or the camera dongle if you try to change the name and / or record a voice message during registration. In the event of an error, the new accessory is displayed in the overview,   however, it does not trigger in the event of an alarm. If you encounter this problem, please remove the accessory from the overview list and register it again. Please skip the name change and voice recording here. Your accessory should now be successfully paired. You can now change the name and the voice recording in the overview.As soon as the registration and the subsequent test were successful, your accessory will be triggered successfully in the future.

I can only reach my cameras within the home network:

If you cannot reach your cameras from outside your home network
- i.e. the cameras cannot be reached via the mobile connection
your smartphone, please check
if your Internet provider has switched your connection to DS-LITE
. With DS-LITE, your Internet provider will not assign you
full IPV4 - so your DSL connection is no longer accessible from
outside via IPV4. This is not a camera error,
but a restriction by your Internet provider.
Display a connection via DS-LITE for example